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Jim - dot.com jim.m at dotcom.sk.ca
Mon Dec 20 10:22:46 EST 1999

> -- New Topic --
> Also, to those who suggested tracking the # of clients using an email
> address, or tracking the clients period:
> Contrary to what we all would like (T3 lines in our houses) most people are
> on Dialup PPP accounts. Dynamic IPs ;) Even those lucky SOBs...er I
> mean...fortunate people with dsl, cable and other lp/HB connections
> sometimes have dynamic ips, and anyone with dhcp usually gets a fresh one on
> bootup too. Don't forget about proxies and firewalls.
> How do you track the client? Sure you could start serial numbers etc etc
> etc, but its 1) a hassle 2) a target to be cracked and 3) not a pefect
> solution. (new # for each download... or what? ;)

I hear GIMPS clients allow you to add a name or number to the end of your email
to identify it.

e.g rc5 at distributed.net/csc16

This would be a good solution for everyone to keep track of what they got
working for them. For normal stats it will only show your overall. If you login
you would see your stats broken down by there id name/number. If you feel that
it is somehow a security hole. You don't have to use it.

I run a team personal proxy with stats and would like to have this type of
detailed private stats for all the team members. Maybe there is already a
character that will tell the proxyper software or d.net scripts when the end of
the email address is reached.
rc5 at distributed.net:csc16
rc5 at distributed.net#csc16
rc5 at distributed.net?csc16

So that proxyper will dump the full address with id to the log file but filter
out the end and send just the email to d.net. Or the d.net scripts will filter

If any of the linux proxyper programmers are reading this. Could you please just
add a line of code. That filters out anything after a certain character, before
it is sent to d.net.

Jim MacGowan
Sysopt/Tweakit RC5/CSC/SETI/Dcypher Team

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