[RC5] Benchmarks, speedups and plain weird stuff

Einstein X. Mystery einstein at scn.org
Tue Dec 21 01:39:47 EST 1999

> Its a very fresh (3 days old) install of Win98, and only Explorer,
> Systray and DnetC are running tasks. (ctrl alt del) And this is all while
> I'm away from home, not touching the puter.
I haven't a clue about your speedup. (Just say 'thank you' ;)
But I do know that (ctrl alt del) is a *lousy* way to monitor your CPU
usage. download the MS Kerneltoys (or mail me, I'll send you them) and
use wintop.

Wintop shows what's running, and how much each power each process takes. 

The close program box only shows the visible applications. It doesn't
show all the hidden system processes. Like dnetc, virus scans, MS task
scheduler, and any of the other stuff.
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