[RC5] Possible spam-protection

Alexander Schaubeck alexander at schaubeck.de
Sun Dec 19 21:27:26 EST 1999

Hi Jakob !

I think it's easy to fool your solution with a program, that responds
to the USER_AGENT request with a "legit" identification, no matter
which program access the web-site.
There are a lot of programs out there which can do that.
AtGuard is one of them, for example.
Alexander Schaubeck
Homepage: http://www.schaubeck.de

Jakob Paikin wrote:
> Although the discussion on protecting participants from spamming is somewhat in the past, I would like to offer another suggestion.
> I have used the script on http://www.soclair.ch/resources/scripts/perl/emp.html with great succes on a web-site containing many e-mail addresses.
> The script basically checks what HTTP_USER_AGENT is accessing the site. If the agent is one of a number of known "harvest-programs", the script either returns no information or a bogus address.
> If, however, the agent is a legitimate browser, the script returns the correct e-mail address.
> Regards
> --
> Jakob Paikin
> Copenhagen, Denmark

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