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Jerome Lamarque jlamarque1 at cybercable.fr
Wed Dec 22 00:47:51 EST 1999

'lo everyone,

À (At) 22:22 +0100 19/12/1999, Stanley Appel écrivait (wrote) :
> >This way everyone gets to see how lazy you are at keeping your clients up
> >date... :)  [I'm so lazy I couldn't be bothered to work out the
> >percentages...]
>If you install a personal proxy and let the ppstats-rc5 (from the University
>of Southern Maine) software lose on the log file. You can get these results.
>Take a look at the Uni pages

Yeah sure, and how are we supposed to install a personal proxy when 
we only have Macs, BeBoxen and Amigas or other PowerPC based 

I'd really like to know.

Buy a PC is a WRONG answer.

In fact buy is a wrong answer since I recently got this machine 
speeding a little 400 MHz but cracking at 3 323 000.00 keys/sec and 
these machines are selling darn fast.

BTW Dan, it's time to change your signature ;-)

C ya.

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