[RC5] Benchmarks, speedups and plain weird stuff (oops)

Wilson, Bruce bwilson at fers.com
Tue Dec 21 14:35:44 EST 1999

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Aha... I can answer part of your question.

The rate you're looking at is your average rate.  If your first six
blocks are completed at 2233 kk/s, and the seventh at (perhaps) 2500
kk/s, then your average rate will be ((6 * 2233) + (1 * 2500)) / 7
kk/s.  After the eighth, your rate will be ((6 * 2233) + (2 * 2500)) /
8, and so on.  The average will climb as more "high-speed" blocks are

My guess is that something (maybe a window garbage collection or
something) is still running somewhat foreground for those six blocks. 
It's still up to you to figure out what that might be.  Maybe you have
a McAfee screen-scan running that finishes after 6 blocks?

Whatever it may be, your rate isn't climbing after the 7th block - it's
stable.  Only the average is climbing as it approaches your true
post-block-7 best rate.

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|I need to proofread more...I was typing 4 different emails at 
|the same time,
|and lost track of which oens were ready.
|1) First 'undistibured' 2^32 block runs at 2233 kkeys/second.
|2) By the 7th it runs at 2271, increasing about 5kkeys/second per
|undisturbed block, but coming home and using the computer 'resets'
|this increase back to ~2233. Nothing else is running, I've accounted
|for all variables I can think of.  
|I wonder how much of a speedup I could get if I, say, left it 
|going a full
|24 hours to the 24th block? :) I know the cpu has limits, but does the
|client somehow give itself more priority over time? I'd rather 
|just set it
|to 'absolute priority' when I leave for work and get the 
|speedup from the
|rc5 at planetfortress.com
|STILL waiting for dsl :/
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