[RC5] Benchmarks - how do I interpret them?

Owen B. Mehegan omehegan at lynx.dac.neu.edu
Tue Dec 21 13:22:11 EST 1999

I'm running dnetc v.2.8002-446-CTR-99111622 (Win32 client, no GUI, under NT
4). In the old Windows GUI version of the client, I could have the client
benchmark itself, and it would suggest what to set my buffers at for optimal
fetching and flushing. Now when I run a CSC benchmark, I'm just told that it
ran in 8.73 seconds. How do I interpret this?

Am I correct in assuming that this is the time it took to complete one
block, and thus I can use this data (and some simple arithmatic) to
determine how many blocks my machine would complete in a given amount of
time? Or am I way off base?

Owen Mehegan (omehegan at lynx.dac.neu.edu)
ICQ: 1915853
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