[RC5] Benchmarks, speedups and plain weird stuff

Zypher rc5 at planetfortress.com
Tue Dec 21 19:38:54 EST 1999

Nothing else is running...I haven't turned on anything else either. No
screensaver (power button, and I DID test benchmarking with my monitor off
;) or typical windoze user BS. (you know, like the ones at the office, with
all the flashy cutesy stuff) Later I might try a spare HD and Mandrake 6.1,
and see if it still happens. I doubt it, I personally think it has something
to do with how the client gives itself priority over time.

ctrl alt del DOES show dnetc for me, and I turned off scheduled tasks 5
seconds after windows came up the first time. I used tweakui to turn off any
other stuff (like menu animations) and the c: (install) drive has maybe
240mb on it, and all in /windows.

Its very reproducable too, today is day #6, and the logs show it did it

It boots up in about 8 seconds, another indicator that the install is very
clean. I haven't even put quake or halflife in the registry yet (they're on
D:, of course I measured framerates though :)

Yes they are 2^32 blocks. It does one csc in 1h 4 mins for the first...by
the time I get home (7-8th block) it does them around 1h 1 min. And, those
are 16 times bigger than 2^28 ;)

Its nearly (about 50kkeys under...almost exact by the 7th block at 2271 ;)
twice as fast as my Celeron 450 (P6 core) so the athlons are faster at RC5
and CSC clock-to-clock vs P6 cores. This is not meant to start any flame
wars either...the evidence speaks.
rc5 at planetfortress.com

STILL waiting for dsl :/

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