[RC5] e-mail notification of obsolete clients

Jason Hartzell jason_hartzell at lvcm.com
Tue Dec 21 10:21:59 EST 1999

>Maybe instead of sending an e-mail notification, why not add _another_ set
>of facts to the stats pages something along the lines of:
>       31 blocks were completed yesterday (0.00001155% of the keyspace) 
>       at a sustained rate of 96 KKeys/sec! Ranked 16,222 for the day. 
>       This is about 9% of the rate of this participant's best day ever,
>which was 
>       13-Dec-1999 when 357 blocks were completed at a rate of 1,109
>       2.8003.448      15 blocks (v%)
>       2.8003.447       7 blocks (w%)
>       2.8003.446       5 blocks (x%)
>       2.7112.444       2 blocks (y%)
>       2.7105.432       2 blocks (z%)
>This way everyone gets to see how lazy you are at keeping your clients up to
>date... :)  [I'm so lazy I couldn't be bothered to work out the

If you have enough clients for this to be an issue, a personal proxy
might be the right answer for you. You can easily track OS, Client
Version and IP address of the machines turning in blocks. Should be
pretty easy to find the rouge machines on old clients. It works very
well for machines on a corporate network that have a single IP address
connection to the internet (NAT, 10.x.x.x, etc.). The biggest problem is
that you would have to revisit EVERY machine to point them to your
P-Proxy, and at that point you may as well just upgrade the client by
walking around to every machine.

But still, seeing stats such as you described would be pretty cool.
Since one of the big excuses for not doing CSC is the fascination with
stats, seeing this and the OS/CPU breakdown on per user/team basis would
be a nice thing to add. From what the p-proxies report it looks like it
would probably be pretty easy to do, but of course I know kaka about
databases and if it were actually easy to do, it would probably already
be there.

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