[RC5] Don't ever take away my RC5-STATS

YERGIN SCHMERLER dudemiester at usa.net
Tue Dec 21 12:18:53 EST 1999

In a recent posting to this list someone suggested turning off stats box, so
that people would concentrate more on the effort, and less on the stats
competitions.  I think that would suck, hardcore.  I represent a team from  a
community college, running on maybe 10 machines.  We are ranked in the top
1000 overall, and usually above 500 for the day of late.  It feels great to
see other local groups zoom by as we rack up the stats (namely VMUG (stupid
MACs))  Things like that bring my group closer together and allow us to wave a
good ranking in front of new users in order to recruit them.

Thats my $.02 plus GST (ain't Canada grand?)

Later all


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