[RC5] OT:Question on csc

Chris Eaton tridus at inforamp.net
Wed Dec 22 09:23:20 EST 1999

At 03:53 PM 19/12/99 , you wrote:
>if a set of csc blocks is handed out today, how long will the
>distributed.net proxyies wait b4 reissuing those blocks again, assuming
>they are not returned. in rc564 the blocks were not reissued for 90 days
>is this the same for csc?

Due to the small size of the CSC keyspace, its going to be a lot smaller 
then that. Actually, we should entirely finish the CSC keyspace in about 14 
days, so reissuing will start happening on a more regular basis now (every 
few days maybe?). As we have fewer and fewer keys left, the remaining ones 
will be re-issued at a faster rate until someone returns them.

If you have computers that will be offline for a while, its probably best 
to just let them do Rc5, since a computer thats offline for more then a few 
days is going to have all its blocks done by someone else before it can 
report them at this point.
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