[RC5] RC5/64 completion time by Deep Gene

Greg Andrews duck1 at ecn.ab.ca
Fri Dec 24 15:51:18 EST 1999

I don't know too much about the specifics of Deep Gene, but since it's
designed for genes, I think it would probably take some modifying to let it
do RC5.  Even considering it's power (a million processors) is maybe only
double or triple (quad maybe?) that of d.net, I think it would still take a
while (months/years) to complete, or even just to reach 50%

Terrorists?  Well, were talking months/years to crack 56 bit encryption,
which is considered weak by many cryptologists.  If these terrorists wanted
to crack the encryption used for secure transactions through browsers (128
bit, or 56 bit  for international versions) or PGP encryption (1024-4096
bits) they would need a few thousand/million Deep Genes to crack it in any
reasonable amout of time.

>How long would it take for Deep Gene by IBM to do the whole RC5/64 key
>space? From what I know it will have one million processors.
>Is this the kind of computer that terriosts will need to crack
>encrycption in a reasoble amount of time? If so then the secrets being
>protected must be really important to be worth 100 million $ to build
>the computer in the first place.
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