[RC5] RC5/64 completion time by Deep Gene

Jeff Makey jeff at SDSC.EDU
Sat Dec 25 16:10:52 EST 1999

Brad T. asked:
>How long would it take for Deep Gene by IBM to do the whole RC5/64 key
>space? From what I know it will have one million processors.

This may not be a good assumption, but if each of those CPUs is like
the ones in the teraflops system IBM recently installed at SDSC (it's
near the top of the daily RC5 list as we test it) then a typical rate
will be 735,000 RC5 keys per second per CPU.  By my math, a million
such CPUs could test the entire RC5-64 key space in 291 days.

                          :: Jeff Makey
                             jeff at sdsc.edu

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