[RC5] RC5/64 completion time by Deep Gene

Chris Adams chris at improbable.org
Mon Dec 27 11:09:45 EST 1999

>Terrorists?  Well, were talking months/years to crack 56 bit encryption,
>which is considered weak by many cryptologists.  If these terrorists wanted
>to crack the encryption used for secure transactions through browsers (128
>bit, or 56 bit  for international versions) or PGP encryption (1024-4096
>bits) they would need a few thousand/million Deep Genes to crack it in any
>reasonable amout of time.

That's true, but that's also assuming they limit themselves to general 
purpose computers. Consider the price/performance ratios of the entire 
distributed.net community and the EFF's $50K DES cracker. We're using regular 
CPUs because we have them available (and with the modern clients, they're 
surprisingly good). Anyone seriously looking at widespread cracks would use 
custom hardware; unfortunately, that's cheap enough to be in the reach of 
anyone from a well-to-do individual on up (your average large corp could 
probably hide the cost in the janitorial supplies budget. Industrial 
espionage is big these days...).
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