[RC5] Why is CSC bitslice MMX only?

Bruce Ford b.ford at qut.edu.au
Tue Dec 28 00:56:44 EST 1999

>   Question about the latest .450 clients,
>from the changes.txt file:
>2.8004.450  new: macos port including Altivec core support (twice as
>                 fast as MMX on otherwise comparable hardware)
>   Is this just for the NEWER CPU's, PIII's, Celerons, AMD K6-III's, and
>   I tried the client on P2's amd a AMD k5 without any difference.
>   If its worth it I could try it on a cyrix 6x86 150+ cpu?

Not worth it unless the processor is a PPC G4 with the vector processing
unit (Altivec).  Not useful on any x86 CPU.

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