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Hi, Abigail.

I can't speak for everyone, but as I see it, distributed.net isn't
trying to prove anything about encryption.  RSA and CS Systems are -
that's why they instituted the contests.  If there is something being
proved by distributed.net, it is the viability of using distributed
computing to solve otherwise overwhelming problems.  The encryption
contests serve as a good way to work towards that end, while also
attracting lots of volunteers, getting some good press, taking home the
prize to buy better equipment and so on - all of which further advance
distributed computing in general.

In a sense, you're right that the CSC contest is "stealing" cycles from
the RC5-64 contest.  When you work it out as a percentage basis, it's
really not a significant impact.  In fact, the appeal of a short-term
contest like CSC could draw in enough new people that RC5-64 will get
an offsetting boost as soon as it's done.  (Which is better, 10000
people for 45 days, or 20000 people for another year?)

As much as we all enjoy stats, it's important to remember that stats
are secondary to the success of the contests.  I'm as much in favor of
showing stats as anyone, but as Nugget can tell you, too much stats end
up hurting the projects more than helping.  That's why d.net isn't
planning to go back to hourly or up-to-the-minute stats - it encourages
the wrong behavior and slows down the projects.

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|> The people who insist on not running CSC for stats reasons 
|are only hurting 
|> the people trying to prove something.  Maybe it's time for 
|statbox ii to 
|> break down for a short time so people might realize what the 
|project is 
|> really about.
|Actually, the RC5 stats *were* down for a long time just as the CSC
|project started. That did have an effect on some people on my 
|team - they
|started dividing their CPU cycles between distributed.net and 
|and the suggestion was raised that after RC5-64 was completed, we drop
|distributed.net because they couldn't maintain their stats programs.
|I don't think CSC is proving anything. What are you trying to 
|prove? That
|56 bit keys are insecure? If you are still trying to prove that, then
|what was the point of the other contests that did 56 bit keys?
|Furthermore, why aren't you making a case that the people who do run
|CSC are hurting the people trying to prove something with RC5-64?
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