[RC5] RC5 vs CSC

Mike Reed mike.reed at cwc.net
Sun Dec 26 19:10:39 EST 1999

Hi everyone...

I just wanted to discuss this as I'm concerned by all of the "CSC is killing
RC5, RC5 is killing CSC" arguments.

CSC is a short-term project. There are about 12 days left to run on it, with
current user numbers. If everybody who is currently doing RC5 downloaded a
v2.8 client and cracked CSC, it'd be cracked tomorrow.

CSC has made more people aware of distributed.net, and they have joined.
When it is complete, most of them will probably continue with RC5. CSC has
invigorated distributed.net, in much the same way as the DES challenges did.
It can only help with distributed.net's future projects.

Instead of having pointless arguments, why not go and teach all of your
friends who got new computers for Christmas a bit about them, and show them
distributed.net and help them install the client?

All the best,
Mike Reed

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