[RC5] stats fixation

EnoJon enojon at delphi.com
Mon Dec 27 21:47:23 EST 1999

jason carr wrote:

> > Friendly stats competition is always good, but when stats
> > become more important then the original goal of the overall system,
> > nothing useful will be accomplished.
> Stats (and mooing sounds, etc) are  "carrots" to attract cycle
> donors.  They are a means to an end.  Sex, spice, hype.  If you
> have to entertain users to get their CPU cycles, then so be it.  I do
> it because I like the concept, but I don't assume that everyone else
> is (or should be) a purist geek like me.
> dnet, IMO, needs the unwashed masses for a project like this.
> As does SETI at home.

Speaking of mooing sounds, when will the 2.8004-450 client be"repaired" to
recognize dual-processors, and also repaired to assess
the priority parm vs dynamic recognition (and hence doomed to
lowest priority when system is running low-priority programs?
[or is this part of long-term goals, again?]

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