[RC5] RE: rc5-digest V1 #323

Kai Rode kai_rode at bigfoot.com
Tue Dec 28 17:52:09 EST 1999

> I noticed we talk here mostly about 56 and 64 bit encryption but 
> netscape and
> Windows NT come with 128 bit encryption.  Again I don't know what 
> algorithms are
> used as stated DES and CSC are not equally difficult to decrypt.

Yes, the US versions of Explorer and Netscape do use 128 bit
encryption. However the programs which are exported to other
countries (except Canada) have to be crippled down to 40
bits (I think the latest versions are allowed to have 56
bits) because the US government wants to be able to spy
on companies and users from other nations. Of course they
don't say that, they say it's a "matter of national security".
Pure BS.

It is one of
dnet's goals to show that 56 bits aren't nearly good enough
because it doesn't take the NSA to break 56 bit codes: anyone
can do it.


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