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Johannes Posel posel at iname.com
Thu Dec 30 13:47:15 EST 1999

Hi Kai,

> Yes, the US versions of Explorer and Netscape do use 128 bit
> encryption. However the programs which are exported to other
> countries (except Canada) have to be crippled down to 40
> bits (I think the latest versions are allowed to have 56
> bits) because the US government wants to be able to spy
> on companies and users from other nations. Of course they
> don't say that, they say it's a "matter of national security".
> Pure BS.

People wanting to enhance the security of their browsers should take a look to
ftp://ftp.monster.org/pub/crypto/browsers/128bit/ (formerly replay.com), where
128bit upgrades for the common browsers are avaliable.

Additionally for the Netscape browsers, check out http://www.fortify.net

> 	Kai



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