[RC5] Random blocks: useless?

Joe Zbiciak j-zbiciak1 at ti.com
Sun Jan 31 08:19:46 EST 1999

'Hoffbrinkle' said previously:
|     It seems to me that if you have these computers running anyway, there is
| no reason to have them shutdown if the buffers get empty?   [...]
| [...]  Unless you have the
| machines power down when they are done with the buffers, I don't really see
| any benefit using -runbuffers.

I agree that shutting down the client when its out of buffers doesn't
make alot of sense, when running random buffers would be more productive
(even if it's not 100% productive).

There are a couple scenarios where -runbuffers could be useful, most of
which involve running rc5 from a script:

 -- Whenever the client exists, a dialup script is triggered to fetch/
    flush.  Client is restarted once more blocks are available.

 -- Buffers are copied (via a script) to/from a machine which has network
    access for fetching/flushing and the client is restarted.

 -- Some other distributed client (ACK!) is allowed to run until d-net
    client gets more blocks.


The first two might look like the following, as UNIX shell scripts.
(Note: These scripts are quick hacks and not necessarily very robust.
They're meant as examples only.)

# Run an offline RC5 process, such that it calls my ISP whenever it needs
# more blocks.

while true ; do
    ./rc5des -runbuffers || exit 1
    dial_isp && ./rc5des -update || exit 1

# Run an offline RC5 process in such a way that I can separately provide
# or remove buffers.

while true ; do
    ./rc5des -runbuffers

    # If we have a file waiting to go out, wait for it to go away
    while [ -r "outgoing/buff-out.rc5" ] ; do
        echo "Outgoing buffer file exists, please process it."
        read LINE

    # Move buff-out to 'outgoing'
    mv buff-out.rc5 outgoing/buff-out.rc5

    # Look in 'incoming' for a buff-in file and move it to buff-in
    while [ ! -r "incoming/buff-in.rc5" ] ; do
        echo "No incoming buffer file exists, please provide one."
        read LINE

    mv incoming/buff-in.rc5 buff-in.rc5



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