[RC5] Stats-II suggestion

Matthew Gabeler-Lee msg2 at po.cwru.edu
Sun Jan 31 20:08:34 EST 1999

here's another idea for decreasing the load on the stats server.  Have an option
that returns stats as a short plain-text readout that just shows the info on the
basic stats page (overall keyrate, ranking, keys/% completed, rank, change in
rank, etc) for those of us who think it's more imporant to find out our basic
stats than to have the pretty html.  This wouldn't necessarily decrease the load
on the database serving part, but it would decrease the amount of info that's
being transfered, and it would greatly reduce the load of whatever engine is
used to turn the database query into html.
So, if you selected the simple text stats, you might get back something like
(I am using my stats as an easy reference point)

--Stats for msg2 at po.cwru.edu--
Rank: 48600 (+1317)
Total Blocks: 68719476736
Blocks Done: 6227=0.000009%
Keys Done: 1.67 Trillion
Time Working: 20 days
Rate: 967.33 kk/s
Yesterday: 495 blocks=0.00000072% at 1537 kk/s
--End Stats--

While the database query will still take just as long, the output parsing would
be much faster with this methodology.

> On Wed, Jan 27, 1999 at 11:25:21AM -0800, Isaac wrote:
> > I noticed that the stats web server also hosts the images for stats.  Would
> > it make sense to keep the old stats server around as an image server once
> > Stats-II is up?  Or, to extend this idea, could you have Stats-I query
> > Stats-II, dividing up the load a bit?  The latter suggestion would probably
> > be a lot of work, but the former might help lighten Stats-II load during
> > nightly updates.

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