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Toomas Aas Toomas at raad.tartu.ee
Fri Jan 1 19:06:34 EST 1999

Hi R!

On 30 Dec 98 at 19:00 you wrote:

>                         I'm a new member to the list and the RC5 effort, And
> in need of help with the configuration of  wingate and the RC5 client.
> Anybody out there that can help?. The FAQ was of no help to me.

I've set up one site to run distributed.net client through WinGate. 
Unfortunately I am not at that site right now so I have to write 
this from memory. But as I remember this was really a no-brainer. 
Just set up an outgoing TCP mapping to the public keyserver of your 
liking (I believe us.v27.distributed.net should work for you), port 
2064. Then set it to listen on port 2064 (or choose any other port 
number if you wish) and set the keyserver address on your clients 
to your.wingate.machine:2064. That's it!

I can contact you later with more details... but I really don't 
think there *are* much more details :-)

And, of course, a Happy New Year! 
Toomas Aas | toomas at raad.tartu.ee | http://www.raad.tartu.ee/users/toomas/
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