[RC5] Dual Processor

Steve Cox cox at acm.org
Sat Jan 2 08:52:48 EST 1999

I have a dual PentiumPro 200 MHz system.  I am running WinNT because
Win95/98 simply can't use the extra processor.  If you have dual PentiumPros
or PentiumIIs, which are optimized for 32 bit code, and you are running
Win95/98 then you are getting approximately 1/3 of the full use of your
system.  My machine munches through about 1.10 Mkeys/s while I'm not using
it even with the slower GUI client code.
If you can obtain a copy of the WinNT 5.0 Beta 2 CD then you might want to
try that instead of Win98.  It has most of the new bells and whistles and
seems pretty stable for a Beta release.  I doubt that Microsoft will bother
to implement multiprocessor support in any service release of Win98 since
they have stated that their game plan is to have everyone convert to some
flavor of WinNT (AKA Windows 2000) in the short term.

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>does anybody know if there is a way to utilize a second Processor under
>Win98? I am running Unix and Win98 on this machine (most of the time
>Win98 though) and I would really like to use the second CPU TOO:::
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