[RC5] New Clients are slower !???

Mike Silbersack silby at silby.com
Sat Jan 2 14:44:00 EST 1999

On Sat, 02 Jan 1999 15:58:35 +0100, Rocko wrote:

>Hi everyone!
>I just downloaded the new v2.7102.424 Client for Win9x/NT.
>Installed it on my P-II 266(=>300mHz)  ___you all should know ; )
>Well, the (let me say "little") Problem is:
>Making a benchmark, i figured out, that he is doing a poor job,
>I get 799,676 kkeys for RC5 (instead of 838,926 v2.7100.417 GUI-Client)
>and 2.405.335 keys for DES (2.432.890 with the GUI)
>I repeated the test some times (closing some apps between), keyrate
>growed, but the new client was slower anyway!
>Whats wrong with my PC/D-Net's Client or is it just because the new
>Client does another Benchmarking?? (DES-III not DES-II     =>shouldn't
>it be the same speed anyway??)
>Or.: Isn't it the last client which will be released before DES-III ?
>          Happy cracking anyway
>                                                Rocko!
>PS.: Since I'm not subscribed to rc5 (only rc5-digest) and DES-II test
>starts this evening (hihi, I don't have to get up early for DES), please
>send a copy of your reply to me, thx

The benchmarking system has changed slightly as part of a massive
change in the contest handling subsystem that allows more processors,
contests, and in a few days, > 2^31 key block support.  Your keyrate
may be slightly lower as a result.  However, the bandwidth reduction
this will provide shortly greatly outweighs the downsides.  In actual
use, the keyrate differences I have seen are minuscule anyway.

The few reports of GREAT loss in keyrate to this point I have gotten so
far have been found to be due to user error (running a hidden client in
the background and starting a copy of the new version in the

Once the new des mmx cores and larger block support is completed, there
will be (at least) another release before DES-III.  I highly recommend
that everyone upgrade to 425 ASAP, if for no other reason than to make
sure that the next pre-DES-III release is sure to be bug free.

Mike "Silby" Silbersack
silby at silby.com
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