[RC5] [ADMIN] New Clients, DES-TEST, and Caffeine

David McNett nugget at distributed.net
Sat Jan 2 11:31:51 EST 1999

  The first of the 425 clients are beginning to appear on the ftp site. 
  There's already a nice list of platforms, including FreeBSD, Linux,
  Solaris, and Win32 CLI.  Now's a good time to check for your platform
  and start upgrading.  You'll definitely want to be running one of
  these when DES-III fires up on the 18th.



  If 18-Jan seems too far away for you, and you're just impatient to start
  testing DES keys, then we've got a good solution.  At 09:00 PST (That's
  17:00 UTC) on 3-Jan, We'll be starting the DES-TEST contest.  This is a
  bit later than we'd originally planned, but the extra time will be
  useful for us in getting more clients out the door.  Even though the 
  older clients are perfectly capable of participating in the contest, the
  new 425 clients will switch faster and run better and we'd like to make
  this test as effective and comprehensive as possible.

  It's been a long and eventful night of coding and coordination behind
  the scenes here at distributed.net.  It seems like every one of our
  coders and admins crawled out of the woodwork and got motivated here
  at the zero hour.  Even John Gilmore from EFF made an appearance,
  working with Bovine on the Deep Crack client.  We've managed to
  accomplish a great deal tonight and we're very well-positioned to
  tackle DES-III in a few weeks.  Expect more developments over the
  next few days as the coders port and compile the new clients for
  all of our platforms.

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