[RC5] [ADMIN] New Clients, DES-TEST, and Caffeine

Victor A. Wagner, Jr. vawjr at rudbek.com
Sat Jan 2 08:46:34 EST 1999

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echo  Jason's comment about missing work  <sigh>

also, I preferred the old way it started... i.e. in the window (shell) you
had opened.  That way I could at least control how it came up on startup...
now I _have_ to minimize the window manually, it's not sizeable, colorable,
etc... oh well, I guess when you're going for speed....

On a completely DIFFERENT note.  My wife has decided to join in this using
her (to her) brand new notebook.... it's connection to the Internet is
intermittent (pcmcia 10 base T).  We'd like to have it work like -lurk or
- -lurkonly, but they only seem to detect MODEM connections.  Is there some
relief for those with intermittent LAN connections??

OH, and what settings SHOULD we use if we're interested in the contests?
do we drop "preferredcontest=1" from the .ini file?

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