[RC5] Re: Help - My Linux boxes don't run the new client

Patrick Coen patrick.coen at skynet.be
Sun Jan 3 00:13:09 EST 1999

Hi there (again)

Just forget about my mail (if you're not having the same problem), I've
found the problem :
In order to stop and start the client easily, I've created some scripts
that create / delete a "stoprc5.now" file. It seems that when that file
exists, the client doesn't do anything at all (not even a -config or a
-help, which started my worrying in the first place). "Simply" removing
that file before starting the client will solve the problem.

Sorry for wasting your time

Patrick Coen wrote:
> Hi there,
> I have downloaded the latest client (v425) for my Linux boxes. But when
> I try to start it, nothing happens. The logfile doesn't show anything.
> But when I try to run the client with an invalid argument (e.g. the
> -install option doesn't exist on Linux), I get an error message, so the
> file is actually being executed.
> I'm running Slackware with kernel 2.0.27 on a P75 machine and RedHat 5.2
> with kernel 2.0.36 on a PII-266 machine.
> I've tried the linux-x86-mt-glibc2, linux-x86-mt-libc5 (just to be
> certain, because I <have> glibc2) and the linux-x86-nomt-aout releases.
> On the other hand, the old 416 build works fine on these machines.
> So the obvious question is : what have I done wrong ?
> tia
> cheers
> patrick
> patrick.coen at skynet.be

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