[RC5] Auto Dial-Up?!

jmv16 at cornell.edu jmv16 at cornell.edu
Sun Jan 3 15:27:19 EST 1999

On Sat, 2 Jan 1999, K-DaK wrote:
> Does anybody know if there is any program/hack for Win98 that could
> connect my modem at a given time, something like a task scheduler?

It's a bit klugy, but based on the fact that windows (at least on my 
system, which is pretty standard) will autodial on demand, you could just 
have the builtin task scheduler launch any internet app.  An idea that 
comes to mind is to download a "time synchronizer" (there are a variety 
at www.tucows.com) which will (for some of them, choose wisely) connect 
every x hours to sync your computer clock with an official source (like 
the US Naval Observatory).  These programs are for the most part tiny and 
sit in the System Tray, out of sight.

Worth a shot, I suppose

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