[RC5] error in MacOS-client v2.7103.425 (easy work around)

Jonas Maebe Jonas.Maebe at rug.ac.be
Wed Jan 6 18:37:25 EST 1999

>I noticed that none of my Macs had checked in DES-blocks. The new
>425-client had switched automatically to DES, but then it hung. The
>interface still worked, but nothing happened anymore. When I tried to quit
>the application, I noticed that it had some trouble stopping its threads.
>After a bit of experimentation, I found the solution : make sure that you
>disable the MP-support when running DES (no problems with RC5, only DES).
>This option was enabled by default.

Me too I had this problem (see my previous post, if it ever comes 
through), but it went away by itself. When it was "hung", you could see 
in the text log file that it was actually connecting to distributed.net 
to get DES blocks. After a while, it succeeded and everything was fine 


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