[RC5] rc5 cracker

Ryan Schmidt berrytech at bigfoot.com
Thu Jan 7 02:21:55 EST 1999

>Is anyone interested in building a EFF-type deep cracker (er whatever)
>for rc5 or DES. (specifically for rc5)? Is it even possible?
>I'm quite certain many if not most of the 100,000 d.net participants
>would be interested in donating a few bucks towards it. I know I would
>be. It could very possibly double our keyrate. If not it would very
>signifigantly increase it.

I'm quite sure most participants would have no interest whatsoever in such a
device or in donating any money to it. =) I'm sure I wouldn't.

Because what's the point? We're in this thing to win US$10,000. One lucky
person in all of d.net will win US$1,000, and the rest will go to d.net,
charity, etc. I'm happy to donate spare cycles, but not spare $, because I
don't have any of those. And the point of d.net is to prove that the idle
time of average machines can crack encryption codes effectively. Building a
specialized machine defeats that goal in a number of ways.

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