[RC5] DES-Test, Day 2

Jim C. Nasby decibel at distributed.net
Thu Jan 7 22:17:29 EST 1999

Day 2, and things are running _much_ smoother now! We've tracked down the
problems with the master/proxies. The network is much happier now that the
master is stable again, and I can tell you that we're doing 97Gk/s at this
time. We've completed 19.32% of t he keyspace, sent 131.03% (we've begun
to re-issue blocks), and our overall keyrate is ~64Gk/s.

In addition to a much more stable master, we've quashed most of the client
bugs, at least most of the serious ones. So, we're asking that you not
send us any bug reports for the current versions anymore. We've heard
about them all, and our poor email server needs a rest! ];8) The current
buglist is below. 

Keep those DES blocks comming!
distributed.net Human Interface

*Current Bugs*
All clients: http proxy problems
This isn't really a bug, but a configuration problem. With _426_ clients,
delete both the keyproxy and keyport entries in the ini, and ensure that
the timeout is >= 60. Also, try to use "http encoding" as opposed to
"http+uue encoding". 

All clients: priority setting in .ini doesn't work

DOS client: Client hangs
The client appears to hang before it even starts cracking. Press ENTER,
and everything will be fine. Will be fixed soon. 

UNIX clients: -hup/-restart doesn't work correctly
Cosmetic bug. No ETA on a fix yet.

Windows GUI client: Configuration settings not being saved to .ini
Known bug. There are also some reports of the client crashing.

Windows clients: File not found error
The client would give a file not found/invalid filename error for no
reason. Fixed. 

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