[RC5] request

William E. Powers wepprop at orbitworld.net
Thu Jan 7 18:48:54 EST 1999

> Hello,
> I would like to request a new feature for the new clients. Would it be
> possible to check for the presence of a flush.now file ? Similar to the
> exitrc5.now file. We don't really have to check every few seconds for the
> presence of that file, only when we're writing a finished block to the buffer.
> This would make it a lot easier to force remote clients to flush their
> buffers (you can't always send a signal, or flush thru the commandline)
> Also useful when they share their input-files. And it would be easy to
> write a script which create that file at a certain time (to force a general
> flush for instance).

I have a similar need:  To force a flush of a common buffer at a 
certain time every day.  I currently do that with a cron job that 
invokes a temporary instance of the client with the -update 
argument.  Unfortunately, that means that the only instance of the 
client that receives schedule information from the proxys 
immediately expires, taking the information with it!

It would be much better for me if I could force an update by either 
a) "touch"ing a file or sending the process a signal (If there is such 
a signal, I can't find mention of it during the documentation.)

It would also be very useful if there were some way for an "online" 
client to pass scheduling and/or contest status information to 
"offline" clients working on the same buffer pool.  I have had only 
limited success in getting my various clients to switch to the DES 
test.  The Win32GUI clients I was able to get to switch by 
performing a manual network update, exiting, and then restarting 
the client.  I have been unable to get the Linux clients to switch at 
all.  If anybody knows a workaround, I would love to hear it!

Bill Powers
wepprop at bigfoot.com

"I figure God put me here and He can take me back anytime He pleases."
- Danny Dutton, age 8.

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