[RC5] Wheres the blocks?

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Fri Jan 8 10:09:56 EST 1999

On 07-Jan-1999, Jason C. Leach wrote:
> So I'm looking at the stats and I see 102% send, 16% checked.  With only
> 16% turned in it is a bit early to start recycling; assuming that the
> other 84% has not been lost, but is out being processed.
> I am sure the actual number for the contest will be allot different,
> with less people loosing interest, and more people joining. But if those
> numbers are an indication of what is to come it looks a little
> hopeless.  We could end up w/ several clients doing the same blocks.

 Towards the end of a short contest, it's simply inevitable that we begin
 duping work.  The huge "loosely connected" network that we run has no way
 around this.

> I appreciate the open approach of d.net not to stop RC5 while DES is on,
> and obviously not for the test.  But a solution may be needed to see
> that recycling is not started so early.

 So, clients should sit around with nothing to do while the master fails
 to create blocks instead of recycling when we hit 100%?

> An easy way to do this I am not sure.  But perhaps n blocks could be
> sent to everyone, and then when you turn one in, you get one more? Or no
> more until the buffer is processed.

 Lots of clients don't have constant connectivity.  Lots of people go to 
 work late before DES contest so they can fetch blocks for the rest of the

> Does anyone know where the hell those blocks are? Do some people have
> buffers set to 10 000 blocks on there home P166?  I would even expect
> people who went back to RC5 to have the courtesy to complete what
> remains in there buffer before switching back.

 Almost everyone buffers excessively.  My clients only buffer 3 DES blocks
 and 20 RC5 blocks.  However, for some reason, a lot of people buffer 1000
 block per client and 10000 blocks per pproxy.   I suppose that these people
 need to realize that massive block hoarding only hurts the project and wastes
 their CPU power.  

 Additionally, I just changed the default pproxy desii buffer size to 10
 blocks minimally, 20 blocks maximum.  While this option is user
 configurable, I suspect that a large percentage of pproxy users simply use
 the default configuration.
> And I guess we get to see what happens when the key space is exhausted
> after all :)
 Well, we don't plan to check 100% of the keyspace, just assign >100%.

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