[RC5] Wheres the blocks?

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Here's my $0.02:
This is al IMHO. Do not flame me if you don't agree.

The DES-test is just that, a test. It was a learning excercise to test 
d.net readiness for DES-III.

Did we learn from it? Yes, I think we did. I know that I did.
I learned how to optimize my clients for about 20% better overall 

I think the main reason for an early recycle was block hoarding due 
to server reliability problems. I know the coders have been and are 
working to get that solved. People tended to buffer up many more 
blocks than they actually needed. I think maybe an "education" 
page on the website concerning proper buffer and pproxy usage 
could help. I see no reason to buffer up more blocks than you can 
process in one day. You can bet that the servers won't be down for 
a solid 24 hour time. Probably, for proper contest switching, you 
should not buffer more than 1/2 days blocks. I use the 1/2 day 
system myself.

Also, keep in mind, the actual DES contest is a timed event. 
Anything processed after 56 hours nets us nothing but the 
knowledge that we can crack the code. I think we already know 
that. Many people, myself included, will switch back to rc5 at the 
56 hour point. This will cause minor DES block losses when I 
delete my DES buffers. I am sure others will delete buffers as well.
If proper buffer and pproxy usage were being taught, losses could 
be minimized for those who choose to continue running DES.

As to client switching, the improper use of buffers and pproxies 
probably caused the biggest problem in our "ramp up" time.
Also, the fact that some people choose not to participate in the test
Considering that d.net participation as well as DES contest 
participation is voluntary, this will always occur. Some people's 
competetive nature as well as their wanting to get something for 
their efforts will not allow them to play around like this. 

/ramble mode off

On a kinda unrelated note:

Is there any web page or document stating that "deep crack" is 
gonna work with d.net on the upcoming DES contest?.Many 
rumors are flying and I would like to see some fact.
Is it that "deep crack" will be running a d.net client and working 
with us directly or will it be doing its own thing and just working on 
the same contest? I have scoured both the EFF and  d.net sites 
and can find nothing but descriptions/pictures of "deep crack" and 
a few press releases relating to the last DES contest. I hope 
someone can resolve my curiousity.


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> hello,
> So I'm looking at the stats and I see 102% send, 16% checked.  With only
> 16% turned in it is a bit early to start recycling; assuming that the
> other 84% has not been lost, but is out being processed.
> I am sure the actual number for the contest will be allot different,
> with less people loosing interest, and more people joining. But if those
> numbers are an indication of what is to come it looks a little
> hopeless.  We could end up w/ several clients doing the same blocks.
> I appreciate the open approach of d.net not to stop RC5 while DES is on,
> and obviously not for the test.  But a solution may be needed to see
> that recycling is not started so early.
> An easy way to do this I am not sure.  But perhaps n blocks could be
> sent to everyone, and then when you turn one in, you get one more? Or no
> more until the buffer is processed.
> Does anyone know where the hell those blocks are? Do some people have
> buffers set to 10 000 blocks on there home P166?  I would even expect
> people who went back to RC5 to have the courtesy to complete what
> remains in there buffer before switching back.
> And I guess we get to see what happens when the key space is exhausted
> after all :)
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