[RC5] Dual Processor

Blaine Lupulack blaine at criscoop.com
Fri Jan 8 13:15:43 EST 1999

root at brain.acmelabs.com wrote:

> Well, i dont know what all the talk is about but I have a v2.7100.417
> client running on a win95 box that just happened to have a second
> processor. The client runs two cracks, one on each processor.
> It works in 95, shouldnt it work in 98?

The client runs three threads by default on single processor machines. On my
dual P133 running linux, there are 6 total threads, two instances of rc5des
with two child threads each. Each instance of rc5des uses 90-99% of cpu

Win95 does *not* use both processors, it doesn't know the second processor
exists, therefore it can't run a thread on a second processor. Neither does
98 ( despite early claims by Microsoft ). For that you need NT or Linux or
some other SMP-able OS.

If you've got a dual-processor box, you should look into NT or linux.
Otherwise the 2nd chip is nothing more than a case warmer.

Blaine Lupulack
BC, Canada
An optimist is one who feels that we live in the best of all possible
worlds, a pessimist is one who fears he may be right...

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