[RC5] DES-Test, Day 2

Raymond Ferry rferry at erols.com
Fri Jan 8 17:16:45 EST 1999

Question for whomever wrote:

	I will certainly agree that people need to use smaller buffers for DES
	I have all my clients set for 1:1, and between my two pproxies, I only
	500 28bit blocks. Since my dual PII alone will do a 28 bit block every ~2
	minutes, this should be about 1/2 a day's work.

How do you have your PII configured to get that performance ?  I've just
gotten a new
PII 450Mhz and only get 1 28 bit block ever 11 / 12 minutes on Windoze98..
Also, would
be interested in any other performance suggestions for an AMD K6 233 running
and an over clocked Cyrix 6x86 at 166.

Thanks a lot.


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