[RC5] Wheres the blocks?

Romulo Cholewa rmc at rmc.eti.br
Fri Jan 8 19:12:34 EST 1999

I think that due to the fast "nature" of DES-III, all who participate must
have enough "conciousness" to avoid downloading DES blocks to an "endless
loop" machine, a host that will most probably stay turned off or not
connected. Of course, all of this only if we plan to win... :-)

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|So I'm looking at the stats and I see 102% send, 16% checked.  
|With only
|16% turned in it is a bit early to start recycling; assuming that the
|other 84% has not been lost, but is out being processed.
|I am sure the actual number for the contest will be allot different,
|with less people loosing interest, and more people joining. 
|But if those
|numbers are an indication of what is to come it looks a little
|hopeless.  We could end up w/ several clients doing the same blocks.
|I appreciate the open approach of d.net not to stop RC5 while 
|DES is on,
|and obviously not for the test.  But a solution may be needed to see
|that recycling is not started so early.
|An easy way to do this I am not sure.  But perhaps n blocks could be
|sent to everyone, and then when you turn one in, you get one 
|more? Or no
|more until the buffer is processed.
|Does anyone know where the hell those blocks are? Do some people have
|buffers set to 10 000 blocks on there home P166?  I would even expect
|people who went back to RC5 to have the courtesy to complete what
|remains in there buffer before switching back.
|And I guess we get to see what happens when the key space is exhausted
|after all :)
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