[RC5] Wheres the blocks?

Denie Andriessen D.Andriessen at pink.nl
Sat Jan 9 05:13:30 EST 1999

And besides all the previously mentioned stuff..

Question:  (especially to the hero's of distributed.net)
What happens if a block is recycled...
Who get's the credit ?
 - The one that first check it out ?
 - The one that first returned it ?
 - Both ? (any ?)
     And if so:
        - What it the real keyrate for that person ?
          Suppose I make a 'backup' of my system, just before
          the upload of eg 100000 finished blocks, and I seem
          to have to restore my system 10 times a day for the
          next two weeks ? (inc buffers etc) ? (Well, I'm a dumb
          user, so please tell me !)

Denie Andriessen

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