[RC5] Wheres the blocks?

William E. Powers wepprop at orbitworld.net
Sat Jan 9 18:48:55 EST 1999

> Why don't you make the Personal Proxy smarter and monitor how many blocks it
> allocates over a week and then automatically adjust itself to grab 1/2 a
> days worth of blocks. I'm assuming any decision it can make is better that
> the guesswork people new to distributed (ie people like me) can make.

Hmm, this idea has some potential.  Maybe a cron-like syntax for 
specifying fetch/flush times or intervals?  The proxy certainly does 
have a better idea of the actual keyrate than I do, and it also know 
how many 2^28 equivalent blocks it has available.  The proxy could 
compute how many blocks to request based on a running average 
over the last N periods plus a small safety factor.  If it 
miscalculated and asked for too few blocks, and had to 'update' 
before the 'suggested' time or interval, it could even compensate 
and request enough additional blocks to get back on 'schedule'.  

This feature has the added advantage of automatically adapting to 
growth (or shrinkage) in the number of clients it serves.

Bill Powers
wepprop at bigfoot.com

"I figure God put me here and He can take me back anytime He pleases."
- Danny Dutton, age 8.

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