[RC5] My dual PII-333

Jim C. Nasby jim at nasby.net
Sat Jan 9 19:37:09 EST 1999

Sorry, I should have clarified that the 1.9Mk/s was RC5, not DES. The
client is the only thing running on the box.

> The machine in question is a _dual_ PII333 running FreeBSD
3.0-RELEASE. Each CPU gets
> 936kk/s, or ~1.9Mk/s total.

    Before we do the math, something has got to be wrong with your
    box. Well, let me re-phrase that. Running *BSD means it might
    actually have some real work to do. What's the load average?

    A P2/333 really ought to do lots better than 900K. My ancient
    alpha 21066A/266 does 1.04M DES or 150K at RC5. AMD k6-2/300
    does 2.4M DES and a mere 500K RC5. All these boxes are running
    one variant or other of Linux and using 'old' clients.

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