[RC5] Wheres the blocks?

Marc Sissom marcus at teleteam.net
Sat Jan 9 19:11:12 EST 1999

Denie Andriessen wrote:
> And besides all the previously mentioned stuff..
> Question:  (especially to the hero's of distributed.net)

I'm no hero of d.n but...

> What happens if a block is recycled...

Two or more machines buffer it.
One or more processes it.
one or more buffers it again.
One or more sends it back.

 Who get's the credit ?
>  - The one that first check it out ?
>  - The one that first returned it ?

The winner of the race is always the first to cross the finish
line not the first across the starting line.

>         - What it the real keyrate for that person ?

The box that turns in any completed block first gets
credit. Think about it. OK, the winning block was actually
first issued to my box, but I went on vacation and turned
everything off. While I was gone, the block was recycled,
reprocessed and returned. The contest winner was announced
and the contest closed. Now I come back to work and turn on
my box and it promptly returns the 'winning' block. Do you
really think that I'm going to get credit for it?

>           Suppose I make a 'backup' of my system, just before
>           the upload of eg 100000 finished blocks, and I seem
>           to have to restore my system 10 times a day for the
>           next two weeks ? (inc buffers etc) ? (Well, I'm a dumb
>           user, so please tell me !)

You're not so dumb. If you were you wouldn't be able to
think up these questions. The problem is, you haven't tried
to think up the answers yet.

I think that you can figure it out. If not, try it and see.
It won't hurt anything, this happens everyday on unreliable
machines. All you have to do is do it once and you'll know
the answer for three, four, and so on. Go on, do it. Set
your client to buffer up 100-200 blocks and just before it
is ready to flush, stoo it, copy the directory and then
run both and che4ck your stats the next day.

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