[RC5] DES-Test, Day 2

William E. Powers wepprop at orbitworld.net
Sun Jan 10 15:30:38 EST 1999

> My Intel Celeron 466 (overclocked) machine is about 500-600 times faster
> than 386SX-16, let it be 400 times faster than your 386-25 test machines.
> The total number of machines involved is something like 200,000. Even if
> there were 40,000 386s involved, they could have been replaced just by 100
> Pentium II-450s or 50 Dual PII-450s.
> If all the other (160,000) machines were at least 100 times more powerful,
> the contribution of 386s would be
> 	(40,000*1) / (160,000*100+40,000*1) * 100% = 0.249%
> Would it help the project a lot?

If the 386 is taking up, say a network drop, while a PII sits idle 
nearby, then it's hurting.  Yeah, right!

Otherwise, even if it only does one block a day, it's helping, 
because that block wouldn't get done if the 386 was turned off.

Is it significant?  Let's say there's 10,000 386's cracking one block 
a day.  That's 10,000 blocks a day, 3,650,000 a year, that would 
be cracked later than necessary, and only because we insulted 
their owners by dismissing their contribution.

If I had a 386 in my client pool, all I would do is to set the DES 
buffers to 1:1  Heck, I do that with my slow P54C's!

Bill Powers
wepprop at bigfoot.com

"I figure God put me here and He can take me back anytime He pleases."
- Danny Dutton, age 8.

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