[RC5] Suggestion for when we Recycle Keys

Robert A. Rosenberg Bob.Rosenberg at digitscorp.com
Mon Jan 11 00:47:23 EST 1999

I do not know the format of the list of Keys to Check but I think (if 
this is possible) that when we start to reissue Key Ranges, that we 
supply them in reverse order in the list - IOW if I am given 10 
Blocks starting from X (ie: X to X+9) then LIST them as X+9 to X so 
that I start at the end of the range and work my way forward.

ALSO, I think that when I turn in Checked Keys (or ask for more) that 
my CURRENT set of assigned keys be sent to the Server for checking 
against the list of already checked keys. If I have been assigned 
keys that have been checked (due to recycling), then MY IN-Box copy 
should be pruned of those and my IN-box optionally updated with 
replacements for the deleted blocks. This prevents useless checking 
and focuses on new keys (ie: Those that have not yet been turned in 
as checked). Yes I will still be working on keys that others are 
checking but I insure that when I select such a key AFTER having 
checked in, that it will be one that has NOT YET been reported as 
checked as of my check-in time.

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