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Dmitri Besedin nickms at com2com.ru
Sun Jan 10 20:19:21 EST 1999


>More precisely, *ANY* Intel MMX CPU will do well over 1,200,000
>keys/sec on DES with the current MMX code - the *slowest* of those CPUs
>is the Pentium-166MMX, and my machine with that CPU pulls almost exactly
>1,300,000 under Win95 (would be faster under almost any other supported
>OS, but that's my game machine and the only one that NEEDS MMX for
>anything else).

My AMD K6-200, overclocked to 240MHz, does approx. only 1,400,000 DES
keys/sec, not much better than your P5MMX-166. BTW, you can (and must!)
overclock it, the Intel chips are very overclockable!

As for different OSes, I doubt that there will be *big* difference. This
depends on the CPU, and not the OS it's running. Check the benchmarks at
http://www.distributed.net/speed/ to see the minimal difference between the
client speeds running on the same CPU and different OSes. Stay with Win95,
or better upgrade to much more stable Win98, it's also perfect system for

>It's too bad the MMX code runs so much SLOWER than non-MMX code on
>every other MMX-compatable CPU to date.

BTW, which non-MMX code runs faster on compatible MMX processors? I tried to
run my K6 at non-MMX DES mode, and it cracks only 1,000,000 keys/sec.

As for my primary system, based on Celeron 466 (overclocked Celeron 300A),
it does 2,200,000 DES keys/sec in non-MMX mode (with earlier clients
v2.7100), and 3,800,000 DES keys/sec in MMX mode (with newer clients
v2.7103) - much better!

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