[RC5] DES-Test, Day 2

Shea Tisdale shea at networkarts.com
Sun Jan 10 16:51:12 EST 1999

Your last line is the important part of this discussion.  Anything slower
than 100kkeys probably should be set to a very low buffer.   And it might
even be advantageous for everyone involved in DES to set their buffers
somewhat low.  The keyspace will go by so fast that keys could be recycled

At 3:30 PM -0600 1/10/99, William E. Powers wrote:
>> My Intel Celeron 466 (overclocked) machine is about 500-600 times faster
>> than 386SX-16, let it be 400 times faster than your 386-25 test machines.
>> The total number of machines involved is something like 200,000. Even if
>> there were 40,000 386s involved, they could have been replaced just by 100
>> Pentium II-450s or 50 Dual PII-450s.
>> If all the other (160,000) machines were at least 100 times more powerful,
>> the contribution of 386s would be
>> 	(40,000*1) / (160,000*100+40,000*1) * 100% = 0.249%
>> Would it help the project a lot?
>If the 386 is taking up, say a network drop, while a PII sits idle
>nearby, then it's hurting.  Yeah, right!
>Otherwise, even if it only does one block a day, it's helping,
>because that block wouldn't get done if the 386 was turned off.
>Is it significant?  Let's say there's 10,000 386's cracking one block
>a day.  That's 10,000 blocks a day, 3,650,000 a year, that would
>be cracked later than necessary, and only because we insulted
>their owners by dismissing their contribution.
>If I had a 386 in my client pool, all I would do is to set the DES
>buffers to 1:1  Heck, I do that with my slow P54C's!
>Bill Powers
>wepprop at bigfoot.com
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