[RC5] DES-Test, Day 2

Markus Landgren marla252 at student.liu.se
Mon Jan 11 16:47:54 EST 1999

At 21:12 1999-01-10 -0600, you wrote:

>Actually, if the project is only expected to last one day, or less,
>the 386 is hurting not helping since that block would be tested by
>another machined and the recycling is only adding to the load on
>the keyservers which is taking their cycles away from cracking.

My 386-25 does an RC5 31-bit block in two days, so I believe even
a slower 386 should be able to squeeze in a couple of 28-bit DES
blocks within 24 hours. As long as you keep the buffers tiny a 386
can help even DES.

Markus Landgren

    marla252 at student.liu.se
       vader at synthare.net

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