[RC5] Suggestion for when we Recycle Keys

John McIntyre jmcintyr at ix.netcom.com
Mon Jan 11 07:57:49 EST 1999

I was also thinking about where to start recycling keys.  If the keys
come back somewhat linearly, and we have issued 100% and checked 16%,
does it make sense to start recycling at some percentage more than
16.1%?  Say half the difference between completed and the percentage
over a hundred? For example Day 2 at 19.32% completed and 131.03% issued
(131.03 - 100) - 19.32 = 11.71 /2 = 5.86 + 19.32 = 25.18 %

This would allow the machine first issued that block a slighter longer
chance to get it back while still allowing a faster machine a chance at
blocks a little further through the key space, hopefully eliminating
some duplication.

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