[RC5] Possibly bug: "Unable to open communications channel." and a work around 4it.

Портнов Евгений Иванович 9703PORT at CMP.PHYS.MSU.SU
Mon Jan 11 20:03:39 EST 1999

I have  
>RC5DES Client v2.7103.427 for Win32 (under Windows 4.10) started.

When I was trying to perform fetch, every time I got this:
> Fetch::Unable to open communications channel.

Then, I removed mark from "Automatic keyproxy select" checkbox in
configuration, and entered this address:

After this, all began to work properly. 
I think it is maybe a kind of bug and need to b fixed, so I send this to
rc5 list and to rc5help at d-net.

Also I sent my logfile to rc5help at .., and didn't send it here because
it's big.

-- Evgenij Portnov

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