[RC5] Slower, low end machines

Zypher zypher at clanusr.com
Mon Jan 11 16:02:26 EST 1999

I'm new to this list, but already I've seen a lot of talk about using low
end machines, maybe even a larger number of them. Has anyone stopped to
consider the cost in power? 100 386s or whatever contribute very little in
terms of blocks, but they still draw a good bit a current, which ends up
costing someone somewhere something. This money would better be spent on new
machine, or not spent at all.

If someone wants to do a large collection of "cheap" computers, I also
recommend the C300A setups. (mine is a 464 as well) At around $3-400 for
bare bones (cpu, mobo, ram, case, use the 386s HD and maybe video card, get
a monitor swicther ;) instead that money for electric could be spent on
them, as only one or two or X would be needed to compare with 100 or Y of

Also for the non-intel cpus, am I wrong or isn't their mmx unit only do half
as many instructions per second or something to that effect?
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