[RC5] Where's the blocks?

Ryan Schmidt berrytech at bigfoot.com
Mon Jan 11 17:50:24 EST 1999

>>>Use checkpoint files.

>>On my MAC-PPC Client there WAS no Checkpoint option until the 426 build.
>>I'm running the 427 build for NT and it still does not have this option.

>Urm, there may not be one in the -config dialog, but
>there is definately one avaialable by changing the
>ckpointfile (or something) ini file setting - RTFM :)

In fact, it *is* in the Mac client's config dialog, as far back as the 412
build at least. I have it right here and am looking right at it. And it
hasn't moved since then. Go to the configuration/preferences dialog, click
Files, and enter something in the checkpoint fields.

Now, in the 412d Mac build at least (the one before 426), the checkpointing
wasn't working worth anything. I discovered this because all of a sudden,
now that I'm upgraded to 427 (or 426), my PowerBook's hard drive doesn't
sleep anymore, and I realize that before, the checkpoint files were in fact
hardly ever being written.

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